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Preorder Policy

Preorder Policy


We provide the opportunity for our customers to take advantage of purchasing our exclusive products through Kotoeu.com. Since many of our products are limited, they tend to sell out quickly. Only from Kotoeu.com do we offer “Pre-Orders” for our future products and convention exclusives. We reserve your order(s) while the product(s) is still in the process of manufacturing or prior to its arrival into our warehouse.

How it works

・You can place your purchase for pre-order items using your credit card. A first deposit of 5€ per article will be charged upon completing your order, the remaining balance dued for your order will be charged only when the items will be ready to be shipped.
Since “Pre-Order” items will take a few months to arrive into our warehouse, we update pre-order items’status by e-mails to customers who place order(s). The customers can also check the Releasing Schedule of our website.

・With Paypal, the total order amount will be charged directly when the order and/or pre-order is placed.

We send 2 separate e-mails during this process.

The 1st Confirmation Email will be sent when you place a pre-order.
The 2sd Final Processing E-mail will be sent when the pre-order items are shipped and will include the tracking number. Your credit card will be charged* for the order within 24 hours of receipt of that correspondence.

*If your credit card is declined, we will cancel your order.

Please check your e-mail timely and update all the information you need to change after you receive the first Email.
It is your responsibility to monitor your e-mails and our web site for the arrival date of its pre-order products into our warehouse. You will be also responsible for all shipping fees on orders that are shipped mistakenly if you fail to update your new shipping information in a timely manner. If the items need to be reshipped to the appropriate address, you are also responsible for additional shipping fees.
Kotoeu.com is not responsible for any overdraft and over limit fees that may occur on the customer’s account due to delayed, misdirected or returned e-mails.
If you have changed your e-mail address, please update your “My Account” information.

Cancel your “Pre-Orders”

You can cancel free of charge 7 days after the end of preorder date.
Please contact us as soon as possible
After 7 days after the end of the preorder, we will charge a Pre-Order Cancellation Fee for 5€ per item.

If you have any other questions, please e-mail