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Street Fighter - Cammy "Alpha Costume" Bishoujo

Street Fighter - Cammy "Alpha Costume" Bishoujo

Kotobukiya's newest Bishoujo statue from Street Fighter is none other than Cammy with a different outfit as seen in Street Fighter Zero!


Available in limited quantity

Cammy is sculpted in detail by Gill Gill, from her muscular physique to her natural blonde braids and gauntlets.

Perfect collection for Kotobukiya's Bishoujo statue fans and/or Street Fighter fans! Based on the illustration by the famous Japanese artist Shunya Yamashita. Display alone or alongside other Kotobukiya Street Fighter Bishoujo statues such as Chun-li and Decapre

  • Type: PVC, ABS
  • Scale: 1/7
  • Size: 22.5cm
  • Sculptor: Masahiro Takahashi(GILL GILL)
  • End of Preorder: November 5th, 2017
  • Expedition Date: Late March 2018

Licensed for use by KOTOBUKIYA.