• 2013-05-21
    New Arrival : War Machine, Ryoma Echizen, Kazuma Kuwabara
    Iron Man 3 - War Machine

    Kotobukiya proudly presents a new Muv Luv Alternative plastic model kit: The 1/144 scale YF-23 Black Widow II. The Black Widow II consists of over 200 pieces formed from pre-colored plastic in a gray and green color scheme.

    Prince of Tennis II - Ryoma Echizen

    Kotobukiya presents a new entry in their ARTFXJ line of statues based on popular Japanese anime/manga series: RYOMA ECHIZEN from THE PRINCE OF TENNIS II.

    Yu Yu Hakusho - Kazuma Kuwabara

    Kotobukiya continues their line of ARTFXJ statues based on the popular series Yu Yu Hakusho with none other than Kazuma Kuwabara!