• 2013-02-22
    New Arrivals : Yui Takamura, Misty, Gekiryujin, RAcaseal. Reproduction : NEW Dark Magician
    Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse Yui Takamura -Gekka-
    A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import! Kotobukiya proudly presents an all-new Ani*Statue from the popular Muv-Luv Alternative Side Story, YUI TAKAMURA -GEKKA-! Based on an illustration drawn for the “Total Eclipse Collections Special Booklet”. The sexy samurai’s umbrella is removable so you can display her with or without it, depending on the weather or your preferences. Sculpted by Keroriso, Yui is approximately 6 ½ inches tall (1/7 scale) and will look great displayed with other Muv-Luv characters.

    Shining Blade Misty (Mistral Nereis)
    Kotobukiya proudly presents an all-new Misty Ani Statue based on the popular game Shining Blade from Sega! Misty stands 24cm tall in 1/8 scale on her star-themed base. Misty's stunning red, black, and white dress stands out on your shelves. Misty looks great on her own or alongside other Ani Statues from Kotobukiya based on the Shining series of games.

    Brave King Gaogaigar - Gekiryujin - D-Style
    Kotobukiya proudly presents the newest release in their line of D-Style plastic model kits based on Brave King Gao Gai Gar: GEKIRYUJIN. Standing nearly 10 cm tall fully assembled, this plastic model kit brings a sense of cute to this potent combat machine Consists of 130 parts made from pre-colored plastic, and features multiple points of articulation to add posability to the model kit. Gekiryujin can be assembled as one full unit, or in separate configuration modes, including a cement truck and dump truck Display alone or alongside other Gao Gai Gar D-Style plastic model kits from Kotobukiya!

    Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst - Racaseal: Redria Ver. Apsy
    Kotobukiya proudly presents their newest plastic model kit from the world of Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst: Racaseal: REDRIA VER APSY. The REDRIA RAcaseal plastic model kit consists of 200 pieces made from pre-colored plastic. Includes multiple weapons and parts allowing for a variety of display options, even includes a red Sato mag piece. Features multiple points of articulation allowing for a wide range of posing options.