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Tekken - Lucky Chloe "Bishoujo"

Tekken - Lucky Chloe "Bishoujo"

Kotobukiya returns to the Tekken series for their next release in their popular Bishoujo line with a new female fighter: Lucky Chloe !



・Chloe looks amazing in her pink and black outfit with pink boots, thigh-high stockings, cat tail, and signature cat paw sleeves!

・Based on a new character illustration by Shunya Yamashita, Chloe stands here 21 cm tall in 1/7th scale.

・Display along with other beautiful Bishoujo statues of characters from the Tekken series!

  • Type: PVC, ABS, Magnet
  • Scale: 1/7
  • Size: 21cm
  • Sculptor: M.I.C.
  • End of Preorder: April, 4th, 2016
  • Expedition Date: Late July 2016

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