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Shining Blade  Misty (Mistral Nereis)

Shining Blade Misty (Mistral Nereis)

From Sega's "Shining Blade" RPG . Misty is the magic-casting leader of the feared pirates. Designed by Tony Taka.


Misty, magic-casting leader of the pirates, from Sega's RPG Shining Blade. Designed by Tony Taka.

Kotobukiya proudly presents an all-new Misty Ani Statue based on the popular game Shining Blade from Sega!

One of the most popular heroine s from Sega's "Shining Blade" RPG . Member of a long-lived species that draws the blood of a dragon named Drago Nereid, Misty is the magic-casting leader of the feared pirates of the sea. She sometimes acts like a spoiled child.

Misty looks great in this highly detailed sculpt showing all the ruffles, ribbons, and folds in her dress, along with her flowing hair tied up in tails.

Misty stands 24cm tall in 1/8 scale on her star-themed base. Misty's stunning red, black, and white dress stands out on your shelves. Misty looks great on her own or alongside other Ani Statues from Kotobukiya based on the Shining series of games.

  • Type: PVC, ABS
  • Scale: 1/8
  • Size: Approximately 24cm
  • Sculptor: KOEI MATSUMOTO
  • End of Preorder: March, 24th, 2013
  • Expedition Date: July 2013


Main Back Front Side Up Back Down Front Zoom Front Closer Up Up Side Up Side 2 Up Back 2 Up Front 2 Misty Shining Blade 9 Misty Shining Blade 10 Misty Shining Blade 11