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Shining Ark Panis Angelicus

Shining Ark Panis Angelicus

Panis Angelicus from the popular PSP game from SEGA: Shining Ark


The "angel" Panis from the new SEGA game Shining Ark

Kotobukiya proudly presents a new entry in their line of statues based on SEGA's popular SHINING ARK video game: Panis Angelicus. Panis stands 23 cm tall in this beautifully detailed 1/8 scale sculpt based on a character design by Tony.

Panis is a girl who has one black wing. Panis has an innocent personality and the miraculous power to gather animals when she sings. Amazed, the islanders begin to call Panis an "angel".

Kotobukiya's attention to detail is fully present, from the feathers in Panis's angel wings all the down through the wringles and ruffles in her clothing. Panis seems to gracefully float above the clouds with her wings outspread as her light clothes flow with the breeze. Panis Angelicus looks great on her own, and even better when coupled with other Shining games series Ani Statues from Kotobukiya!

  • Type: PVC, ABS
  • Scale: 1/8
  • Size: 23 cm
  • Sculptor: ATOMIC-BOM suzu
  • End of Preorder: April, 21th 2013
  • Expedition Date: August 2013