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Fate/Grand Order - Assasin/Heroine X

Fate/Grand Order - Assasin/Heroine X

A mysterious visitor from across space and time, and ultimate anti-Saber weapon, Heroine X –Assassin- is back!


Pre-Order Closed

This Assassin class servant from Fate/ Grand Order refers to herself as the Heroine X, the definitive edition of the Saber class.

Heroine X can be displayed dual wielding her Noble Phantasm swords, Secret-Calibur: Sword of Unsigned Victory.

  • Type : PVC, ABS
  • Scale : 1/7
  • Size : 22cm
  • Sculptor : ko_nen (modeloft)
  • End of Preorder : June 4th, 2019
    If interested, please place your order before this date. Item availability is not guaranteed afterwards.
  • Expedition Date : Late October 2019