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Shining Resonance - Kirika Towa Alma

Shining Resonance - Kirika Towa Alma

Kotobukiya continues their amazing lineup of statues based on Sega's popular Shining series of RPG games with Kirika Towa Alma from Shining Resonance.


KIrika straight out from the game to your shelves.

Shining Resonance is part of the Shining series of fantasy console games developed by Sega. The series can be thought of as Sega's main venture into the RPG genre, along with the sci-fi RPG series, Phantasy Star.

Kirika Towa Alma is one of the main heroines of Shining Resonance. She is an elf who learns the song of magic which allows her to freely change the power of nature. However, she is a better healer than a damage dealer.

・Kirika Towa Alma stands 22 cm tall in a beautifully sculpted 1/8 scale, on her cobblestone styled base.

・Kotobukiya's famed craftsmanship is present in all the small details from the folds, wrinkles, and ruffles in Kirika's clothing down to recreating the colors and look from the game.

Look for more Shining game series statues from Kotobukiya!

  • Type: PVC, ABS
  • Scale: 1/8
  • Size:  22 cm
  • Sculptor: HIDE
  • Preorder before: October 22nd, 2015
  • Expedition date: Late February 2016