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Freddy vs Jason - Jason Voorhees "Bishoujo" 2nd Edition

Freddy vs Jason - Jason Voorhees "Bishoujo" 2nd Edition

Kotobukiya brings a bold new direction to their popular series of Bishoujo Statues with the Freddy vs. Jason pair up with interpretation by Shunya Yamashita.


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Voorhees stands in a relaxed pose in her tattered pants, top, and jacket with the iconic machete in one hand and an axe held over her shoulder.

The scraps of her clothing reveal quite a bit of skin and her muscular physique, while her cute face is partly obscured by the nightmarish hockey mask strapped to the side of her head!

  • Type: PVC(Phthalate-free), ABS
  • Scale: 1/7
  • Size: 18cm
  • Sculptor: Takaboku Busujima (BUSUJIMAX)
  • End of Preorder: March 30th, 2017
  • Expedition Date: Mid July 2017
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