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DC Comics - Starfire "Bishoujo"

DC Comics - Starfire "Bishoujo"

Kotobukiya's line of beautiful Bishoujo statues based on characters from the DC Comics lineup continues with Starfire!


Could you resist her heartbreakingly beautiful Bishoujo-styled face?

Coming up next in the DC Comics Bishoujo Collection (combining DC’s characters with popular Japanese style) is one of the “hottest” characters in the DC Universe, you name it: Starfire!

Her given name is Koriand’r, an alien princess from the planet Tamaran. She was exiled by her wicked sister and ended up on Earth where she became a hero using her superpowers. Taking the name Starfire, she became a member of the Teen Titans with allies like Nightwing and Raven.

Based on original artwork from master illustrator Shunya Yamashita, Starfire looks better than ever in the Japanese Bishoujo style!

This statue captures Starfire perching atop a rocky outcropping, leaning forward to gaze at you while her incredible hair flows dynamically around her! She wears her classic (pre-New 52) outfit.

The former Teen Titan is perfectly sculpted with soft lines and lots of details like the jewels, seams, and of course her heartbreakingly beautiful Bishoujo-styled face... a lot of work has been also brought to her fantastic hair!

Meanwhile, Starfire seems to glow from within through her orange skin while her outfit and boots shines with a reflective metallic purple finish.

Sculpted by Toshiaki Hogari, Starfire stands over 21cm tall (in the usual 1/7 Bishoujo scale) as she leans on her unique georama display base.  While she may outshine the others with her alien beauty, Koriand’r is the perfect addition to your Bishoujo statue collection!

  • Type: PVC
  • Scale: 1/7
  • Size: 21.5 cm
  • End of Preorder: May 2nd, 2014
  • Expedition Date: Late September 2014

TM & © DC Comics.   (s14)