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Flexibility is the name of the game with Kotobukiya’s newest line of highly posable & customizable figurines: CU-POCHE !
Engineered with over a dozen points of articulation CU-POCHE figures can take on a variety of stances and poses. Add to that embedded magnets in the feet and included base and the posing possibilities are almost limitless ! The multiple expression faceplates and accessories allow each CU-POCHE to become your own unique creation. With plenty of familiar faces coming soon from the biggest names in anime and manga you can expect a wide range of CU-POCHE releases in the coming months.

Toaru Kagaku No Railgun "S" - Mikoto Misaka CU-POCHE

Toaru Kagaku No Railgun "S" - Mikoto Misaka CU-POCHE

For their newest Cu-Poche Figure, Kotobukiya turns to the popular series Toaru Kagaku No Railgun S with the Mikoto Misaka Cu-Poche Figure !