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Monogatari Series Second Season - Oshino Shinobu "Private"

Monogatari Series Second Season - Oshino Shinobu "Private"

Kotobukiya presents an all-new anime statue based on the popular Monogatari series Second Season with the Shinobu Oshino "Private"!


Shinobu takes a break for a delicious snack !

The ancient vampire sits on a puffy-looking donut themed beanbag chair, leaning back while kicking off her shoes while she is about to enjoy a delicious donuts !

・Every detail is perfect from the intricate folds and ruffles of her dress to the texture of the beanbag chair, her sweeping blonde hair, and huge yellow eyes.

・Sculpted by Takanari, the Shinobu Oshino "Private" statue measures 12cm (1/8 scale) sitting on her unique donut chair base.

Add this cute new Shinobu to your display alone or alongside other Monogatari series statues from Kotobukiya !

  • Type : PVC, ABS
  • Scale : 1/8
  • Size : 12 cm
  • Sculptor : TAKANARI
  • End of Preorder : October 4th, 2015
  • Expedition Date : Late January 2016

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