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Bakemonogatari - Nadeko Sengoku

Bakemonogatari - Nadeko Sengoku

Nadeko Sengoku from the famous Novel/Anime Bakemonogatari, completed with a transparent snake from her curse.


The shy girl from Bakemonogatari, Sengoku Nadeko coming with the invisible snake from her curse.

Kotobukiya proudly presents a new statue from Bakemonogatari: Nadeko Sengoku With her ever-present waist pouch and her long hair, it's sure to be a hit with Bakemonogatari's fans and statue collectors !

Nadeko always wears a waist pouch, always casts her eyes downward, her bangs are covering her eyes. She has a shy personality but can also be easily amused.  She has been cursed and was going to die until Koyomi found it out and offered her his help. She's quite protective of her hair and when she finally combed her forelocks aside, Koyomi noticed that she has a glare just like a serpent. During Halloween, Nadeko met a girl named Ougi, and after that she was able to see a white snake along her.

Features include interchangeable facial expressions and a removable transparent snake. Nadeko stands 18cm tall in a beautifully sculpted 1/8 scale.
Display her alongside other Bakemonogatari statues from Kotobukiya, such as the previously released Black Hanekawa !

  • Type: PVC, ABS
  • Scale: 1/8
  • Size: Approximately 18 cm
  • Sculptor: -
  • End of Preorder: STOCK
  • Expedition Date:  Deliverable under 5 open days

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