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Marvel Universe - Black Panther ARTFX+

Marvel Universe - Black Panther ARTFX+

Kotobukiya ARTFX+ 1/10th scale statues returns to Marvel Comics statues based on Adi Granov's design, here is Black Panther!



The spotlight will return to the Avengers, and Adi Granov’s art is once again brought to life by sculptor Junnosuke Abe (RESTORE).

The first entry in this new series is a character whose recent film has enjoyed record-breaking success, Black Panther! A hero with legendary strength supported by his Vibranium suit and advanced Wakandan technology, the king and protector of Wakanda is expertly recreated in Adi Granov’s original style thanks to Kotobukiya’s craftsmanship.

Like the other characters in the series, Black Panther is perched on a special diorama base that reflects his appearance in the concept art. With one foot perched on a raised stone, the height of the base gives the statue a unique vertical silhouette and will give the entire group of heroes a dynamic appearance when the collection is complete.

Unlike the previous Marvel ARTFX+ lines, these characters are meant to be displayed in a more vertical formation instead of side by side. Collect all of these Avengers as they prepare to face off against... Thanos!

  • Type: PVC, ABS
  • Scale: 1/10
  • Size: 17cm
  • Sculptor: Junnosuke Abe"RESTORE"
  • End of Preorder: May 27th, 2018
    If interested, please place your order before this date. Item availability is not guaranteed afterwards.
  • Expedition Date: Late September 2018