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Light Bringing Goddess Sakuya "Mode Seraphim"

Light Bringing Goddess Sakuya "Mode Seraphim"

Kotobukiya returns to Sega's Shining Ark series with a new Sakuya Seraphim Statue !


A wonderful masterpiece of your collection.

The lovely ladies from the "Shining" game series from SEGA makes wonderful inspiration for statues, here is one of the most popular character from the series already seen in mode "Crimson" and mode "Seraphim". Here is a new incarnation in an even more angelic apprearance.

・The highly detailed sculpt shows Kotobukiya's reknowned craftsmanship in all the fine details from the feathers of her wings to the folds in the piece of cloth covering her body.

・Sakuya is lovely as ever with her angel-like wings protecting her and her clothing floating in an soft breeze.

・Sakuya stands 35cm tall in 1/6 scale, she shows a perfect mix of fragility, purity and power.

Display Sakuya on her own or alongside other Shining series Statues from Kotobukiya and make her the masterpiece of your collection!

  • Type: PVC
  • Scale: 1/6
  • Size:  35 cm
  • Sculptor: N/A
  • Preorder before: November 13th 2014
  • Expedition date: Late March 2015