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Hakyu Hoshin Engi - Taikobo

Hakyu Hoshin Engi - Taikobo

The next character to join the ARTFX J lineup is the main character of the anime and manga seriesHakyu Hoshin Engi: Taikobo!



Beginning in 2018, Hakyu Hoshin Engi is a new anime series based on Hoshin Engi, a popular manga by Ryu Fujisaki that ran in Weekly Shonen Jump from 1996-2000.

Taikobo’s appearance from the anime is faithfully recreated by Kotobukiya’s expert craftsmen down to the finest detail, from his shoes and hands to the tails of his tunic that billow out dramatically around him.

The figure’s base can be connected with the bases for the upcoming ARTFX J Yozen and Fugen Shinjin statues in order to fully recreate the atmosphere of this fresh adaptation of the timeless Hoshin Engi series!

  • Type: PVC, ABS
  • Scale: 1/8
  • Size: approx. 23.5cm
  • Sculptor: -
  • End of Preorder: June 28th, 2018
    If interested, please place your order before this date. Item availability is not guaranteed afterwards.
  • Expedition Date: Late October 2018

© Tsutomu Ano,Ryu Fujisaki/SHUEISHA,Hakyu Hoshinengi Project